A Few Statistics


(As at 27 November 2019)


OpUSCR founded on 27th June 1979  - So we are 40.45 Years Old     


Peals Rung 17  and  Quarters Rung 261   


Top Peal Ringer Sue Tompsett (11) and Top Quarter Ringer also Sue Tompsett (139)  


Different ringers in Peals: 48  and  Different Ringers in Quarters: 226


Visits made to Towers: 1194

Number of meetings held: 160


Sue Tompsett attended 126

David Belcham attended 106

Mary Coe attended 98

Denise Hughes attended 93

Peter Rowe attended 89


The best attended meeting was in Bath on 10 November 1990 when we welcomed 34 people


It is a policy that we do not publish personal details of any of our members within this site including their respective Email addresses, phone numbers and home addresses. In the event further details are required, please use our Contact Us facility.

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