Open University Society of Change Ringers


Virtual A.G.M 20th October 2021 at 7.30pm




There were 12 members attending on line.

1. The Ringing Master welcomed and thanked everybody for joining the virtual meeting. It was noted that a quorum was present.

2. Apologies for absence were received from Keith Murphy, Guy Morgan and Sue Tompsett

3. Minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated and were taken as read and
acknowledged as a true record. (Amendment -Jeff Ladd's reason for absence was due to
technical issues with his location in France). There were no other matters arising.

4. Committee reports. Ringing Master and Treasurer reports had been circulated. There
was no Secretary's report as there has been no significant activity during the year.
The committee reports were approved.

5. Election of Officers and committee members: All post holders were willing to stand for 2021/22 and there were no other proposals. The following were thus re-elected
unopposed: Ringing Master David Jones, Deputy Ringing Master Denise Hughes,
Secretary Sue Tompsett, Treasurer Isobel Murphy, Committee Members (2): Olav Bradstock and Colin Friend. OUSA rep Chris Hartley, Newsletter editors Denise and Tim Hughes, Webmaster Keith Murphy.
The Ringing Master thanked all officials for their service to the Society.

6. Confirmation of Accounts Examiner for 2022. The Treasurer noted that Christine Seers and Deborah Armstrong were willing to continue in the role and they were duly
reappointed. The Treasurer was asked to convey the Society's thanks to them for their
services. The Treasurer noted that OUSA will accept a scanned signature from the Ringing Master for the annual submission, which the RM agreed to provide.

7. Subscriptions: The current suspension remains in place. It was hoped that meetings
would re-commence next spring or summer and that subscriptions will re-commence with effect from 1 August 2022. It was noted that various arrears had been received during the current year, and that some standing order receipts had continued as the members had not cancelled them.

8. New members: The following were proposed, seconded and unanimously elected as
Thea Mackie, Simon Lagdon, Helen Pells, Carol Feast.

9. Any Other Business:
Events that were cancelled are still in the plans for the future: Birmingham area (Sue
Tompsett), South London (Chris Ridley), Walking Tour in York (Theresa Jones). Also an offer of a trip to Vernet-les-Bains by Jeff Ladd. So plenty for whenever we can resume activities.

It was agreed that some sort of meeting in the Spring would be good but it is too early to
plan anything.

It was reported that the Secretary was due to have had an operation on her injured leg
around the time of the meeting. The treasurer had organised flowers on behalf of the
Society. It was suggested that a card should be sent on behalf of those at the AGM
(Assistant RM to organise).

The Central Council ‘small organisations' proposal remains as an aspiration but the
application has not yet been made. It was noted that the Society is close to the minimum
of 75 members that would qualify for normal representation; this to be considered prior to the application being submitted.

It was noted that a newsletter would be issued in the near future to keep people up-todate: any items for inclusion would be appreciated asap.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.25pm